If the pandemic or other possible disasters prevent us from continuing to hold classes at the studio, then all students will take classes online. Register only if you are sure that you want to dance throughout the semester.

Your registration is binding!
Registered participants are charged with an invoice by email. Therefore, please enter a guardian’s email if you are under 18. Each guardian is responsible for their children under 18.

Registration must be done before each semester. An invoice is sent out via email after registration. An invoice is sent via BOKIO and also attached to the confirmation email.

The payment must reach us before the due date of the invoice. A reminder will then be sent out with a fee of SEK 60 + late payment interest and the student will not be allowed to participate in the course until the invoice has been paid. No refund for missed courses due to late payment

Cancel a class
You have the right to withdraw your application according to the rules of cancellation rights. In order for this to be valid, you have to contact us within 14 days after we confirmed your application. If the time limit has passed, then you become liable for payment of the whole sum. If you want to withdraw your application after the semester has started then you become liable for payment.

If it is within 14 days after the semester has started then you have to pay for the classes that have passed including an administration fee. If the time limit has passed, then you become liable for payment of the whole sum.

Your registration is binding,
Which means that you are required to pay the full fee. If you do not wish to continue, you will unfortunately not receive a refund, unless you have a medical certificate. Refunds will be made for the period from which the sickness certificate applies, each week before the certificate date will be charged by 100SEK and the remainder of the terms fee will be refunded.

No refund, unfortunately we can not accept students to classes other than the one you are registered for. Which means you are taking up a spot no matter if you show up or not.


Full classes
Courses can get full, when full it will be written on the confirmation email you receive when you sign up. You can still sign up for full classes to be on the reserve list. If a spot becomes available, we will notify you via email and sms. The price will be reduced depending on how many weeks has past and how many remains. You will also have the option of choosing another non-full class if you don’t want to be in the reserve list for the selected class. You can also cancel your registration and jump off the reserve list.

We reserve us the right to:

  • Extend a semester if classes are canceled.
  • That during the semester changes can happen, for exemple changes of teachers, location, day and time.
  • That during the semester, teaching can be changed from on-site to online.
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