Our guidelines and actions

We want our Academy to remain a safe and secure place for all our students. Therefore, we will follow the rules and updates of the public health authorities. It is important that all our employees and students follow these rules.

Our guidelines

If you experience the slightest symptoms of Covid-19, you should refrain from coming to the dance class.

If you feel sick during the training, you should go home immediately.

If you are ill, it is important to wait until you are 100% healthy before returning to the dance classes

Avoid coming to the studio too early and do not stay after your last class.

Parents picking up your children, please wait outside the buildning.

Wash your hands often and thoroughly, do not touch your face. Sneezing and coughing in the armpit.

Come ready-made and bring your training shoes. No outdoor shoes in the studio.

We will not allow visitors. Do not bring your friends, siblings or parents into the school except for students with special support. Only students, staff and authorized people should be at the school.

Do not share water bottles or use masks with each other.

Bring your own hand sanitizer, mask, wet wipes etc. We will provide it at the studio also

Register only if you are sure that you want a place throughout the semester.

Please note that if the current pandemic worsens, the dance classes in the school can be moved to Facebook. If you are not okay with online classes on Facebook, you should not sign up.

We will limit the number of spots. Therefore, we recommend that you make your registration soon before all spots run out.

Our actions

We follow the rules and updates of the public health authorities.

We limit the number of spots per class.

We also adapt our exits and entrances to the dance studio. Everyone who finishes their class will take the back door out to avoid congestion in the hall.

Hand alcohol, soap and disposable mask are available on site.

All staff should wash their hands frequently and stay home as soon as they experience symptoms.

We will also clean the room before the students show up. We wipe all handles, taps, toilets and soap containers regularly during the day.

We hope you enjoy the classes. Thank you for supporting and keeping Skåne’s K-pop community alive. Let’s keep spread the joy of dancing and positive energy through these times!

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